Hi Robert


We had an excellent time staying at your hotel, even though you had issues with a blown transformer. It was our second stay, and it is always a great experience.


Your assistance in getting the little one’s tablet charged in your office was notable, again thank you very much. After being on the road since 5 that morning of our arrival it was great to have a break and relax. The guy that waited on us was awesome, please give him our sincere thanks. However, all your staff were exceptional. I can recall a few small things that were no problem for them to assist us with.


It was also awesome to see you around all the time, and your presence obviously makes the difference, from the way you interacted with the staff to your interaction with all the guests at their tables during supper.


From myself, my partner and our little one, congratulations to you and your staff on a job well done. You will most definitely see us again when we travel in that direction.


Best wishes to you and all your amazing staff!!